About Us

visualconferencing.co.uk is backed by one of the UK's leading Videoconferencing & Unified Communications solutions providers.

The products we sell are specifically designed to make communication in business easier, more productive and greener too. We strive to be the most informed and competitively priced solution for your communication needs. We are proud to be contributing to a more effective and economical future in businesses of all kinds.

visualconferencing.co.uk is not just a website.

We are people; a team of talented, dedicated people who are passionate about Videoconferencing & Unified Communications technologies. We all work together to deliver products and services that allow you to implement and deploy Videoconferencing & Unified Communications in your office, home or for your clients. Simply put, we might sell products and services online but what defines us is our ability to deliver customised solutions with remarkable customer service and support that is unparalleled in our industry.